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Sometimes switching to a new supplier can be worrying, even if you’re current provider is letting you down – It’s a case of “Better the Devil you Know” So we go to extreme lengths to take the risk out of that process for you!

Let me ask you this: “Would your Business Survive a $3 Million Dollar Fine for a Workplace tragedy? What about a $145,000 fine for a worker losing his thumb?”

Well, that will Never Occur when ZOKAL Protects You, with the Strongest Guarantee in the Industry…

We Guarantee 100% Compliance or We’ll Pay the Fines!

You hear about guarantees all the time…but a Safety Service Provider who will pay your fines if you’re not compliant? You probably think that sounds a bit far-fetched and you might wonder how anybody could possibly make a promise like that… So let me spell it out to you:

With safety you get just one chance – a single mistake can cost lives and bankrupt a company! So over 38 years in the business, we’ve developed comprehensive systems to ensure nothing is missed, nothing is left to chance and no assumptions are made… And when you leave nothing to chance, you can be completely confident in the outcome. So here are our Guarantees, spelled out in detail.

Enjoy Complete Protection from crippling non-compliance penalties with Zokal’s 100% Triplesafe Guarantee!

When Zokal undertakes all of your safety equipment inspection service, certification and hire and all of your safety training, we guarantee 100% compliance! – or We’ll Pay the Fines!

Zokal offer the following guarantee:

  • When Zokal undertakes all of your safety equipment inspection, service, certification and hire, and all of your safety training; and
  • You are charged and convicted of an offence under the Work Health and Safety Act or Regulations as a direct result of the safety equipment that we have supplied or serviced failing or the safety training that we have provided being the cause of the offence;

We will reimburse you 100% of the money you are fined by WorkCover.

PLUS – 12 Bonus 100% Guarantees

  1. We guarantee all our staff will treat you with courtesy and behave in a professional manner at all times.
  2. We guarantee to contact you prior to any service visit or refresher training for staff.
  3. We guarantee to always respect yours and your staff’s time and not waste it. We will be on time for any appointment we set with you for service and at least 30 minutes early for all training. In the event of us being delayed through an accident or emergency, we will immediately contact you and give you the choice of rescheduling to a time and date that suits you.
  4. We guarantee to impress you with the quality of service that our technicians demonstrate. They are highly qualified in the areas of life support equipment and ensure that the equipment is safe for use by your staff.
  5. We guarantee you will be satisfied 100% with all of our work.If for any reason you are unhappy with anything we do, our senior management will become personally involved immediately and make sure your problem is handled to 100% of your satisfaction.
  6. We guarantee that our inspection, service and certification of your life support equipment, combined with our supporting reports and equipment registers will safeguard the company and personnel from potential fines imposed by the government watchdog, WorkCover.
  7. We guarantee that your life support equipment will be inspected, serviced and certified on the month it is due, insuring complete compliance with the Work Health & Safety Act and Regulations.
  8. We guarantee to always provide you with up to date information on any changes or updates in the legislation, standards and codes of practice.
  9. We guarantee to keep you up to date with the latest information on all the products we sell and any future products available that we source so you can make educated decisions to provide your company with the best and most cost effective options available to solve your safety issues.
  10. You are guaranteed a premium service at all times, with no cancellations.
  11. We guarantee that your Statements of Attainment and ID cards will be generated within one week from completion of any safety training course, ensuring compliance of all staff involved in the workplace activity.
  12. We guarantee that you will be impressed with the quality of any training content presented and the engagement between our trainers and your staff to achieve the outcome that you expect. They are highly qualified in the areas of training that they specialise with industry experience and years of training expertise.

Disclaimer: The guarantees and representations contained herein exclude any fines incurred as a result of, or contributed to by, any act or omission on the part of the customer or a third party.

Find out just how easy your safety and compliance issues can become when we assess your needs and outline a solution for you!

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When Zokal handles all your equipment testing and repairs, your safety training and your safety equipment hire and supply, we guarantee 100% compliance!


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