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Basic Oxygen Administration

Application and Relevance

This course is applicable to enterprise settings where it is desirable to have personnel trained in oxygen therapy and oxygen resuscitation. It is relevant for people working in manufacturing, mining, aged and community care, sport, adventure tourism and other environments.


4 hours classroom training and assessment

Course Content

This course provides the skills and knowledge to safely perform oxygen therapy and resuscitation in the workplace It includes:

  • Benefits of oxygen
  • Safe procedures when using medical oxygen equipment
  • Administering oxygen therapy to a spontaneously breathing patient
  • Resuscitation of a non-breathing casualty using ventilation, soft bag and mask and manually triggered oxygen powered devices


Training conducted by experienced first aid specialist trainer/assessor Course Manual
Associated documentation
The course can be conducted at your premises or our purpose built training facility.


A certificate of competence will be issued to all successful participants.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for additional information.


Participants require refresher training every 12 months in order to maintain satisfactory levels of emergency preparedness and maintain current competency includes CPR component being updated concurrently..


There are no prerequisite units for this course.

Industry Skills Councils have mapped this course to level 2 of the Australian Core Skills Framework. It is recommended that participants provide evidence of their Foundation Skill Level prior to the commencement of the course.


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