Underground Mining Safety Equipment

Zokal are the Underground Mining Safety Experts. We inspect and service CABA equipment and rent CABA and other mining safety equipment. We also carry a range of 3M Scott safety equipment for sale.

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Underground mining can be a dangerous occupation, with historically many deaths recorded from mining disasters. Workers are faced with a number of challenges during their day-to-day activities. The volatile environments they work in, requires attention to detail and the best safety equipment to be employed.

Underground mining operations throughout the world expose workers to the same kind of risks. Even though different techniques are used to extract different products, the hazards are very similar. Deep underground mines are always high risk environments.

Monitoring Air Quality in Underground Mining

Like any confined space, air quality is one of the most pressing risks for underground miners. CH4, CO, SO2, and H2S have been identified in different studies as the most influencing gases that affect air quality in underground mines.

To help monitor the levels of these gasses in underground mining environments, Zokal Safety Hire have a number of multi gas detectors for hire, such as the GASALERT MAXXTII, which Monitors Carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen and combustibles. It features a simple one button operation combined with  a robust, motorized pump for remote sampling.

The BIOSYSTEMS MULTI PRO uses electrochemical toxic gas sensors, designed to minimize the effects of common interfering gases. These sensors provide accurate, dependable readings for toxic gases you’ll commonly encounter in underground mining operations

Click here to view our range of Portable Multi Gas Detectors for Hire. 

CABA Breathing Apparatus for Underground Mining

Zokal have been servicing CABA equipment for underground mining operations for decades and we’re considered the specialists in the industry. We not only clean dust from the equipment, we also decontaminate the equipment, killing dangerous substances like mould and bacteria that can cause real harm to the health of mine workers.

We work in a 400 sq. meter, purpose built CABA service facility which incorporates two service laboratories, self-draining cleaning and sanitising areas, high pressure cylinder hydrostatic test station and cylinder recharging area.

After cleaning and decontaminating CABA suits, we then place them in a vacuum sealed bag to prevent the breathing apparatus becoming re-contaminated before it can be used again.

We developed this process over a number of years and our mining clients found that the process is definitely industry best practice. With our system, miners are guaranteed clean, decontaminated CABA Suits when they need them.

Read more about our CABA service facility here

3M Scott Safety Equipment

Underground mining safety equipment from 3M Scott

The latest SCBA offering from 3M Scott, created with an emphasis on cleanability, comfort, and connectivity. It is compatible with NFPA 2018 standards.

Zokal Safety Australia is also an authorised reseller of 3M Scott Safety Equipment. The leading brand in innovative products and smart solution for First Responders. Contact us now to find out more about our range of 3M Scott Safety Equipment.

Working Towards a Safe Future for Underground Mining

Underground mining technology and techniques continue to evolve. Each year, underground mining operations become safer and more productive. We continue to see improvements  in everything, from blast precision to robotics.

Underground mining operators are traditionally wary of new technology and slow to adapt to it – But things are improving. The Queensland University of Technology for example, has invested heavily in research and development of enhanced automated mining vehicles. They are currently field-testing this exciting new technology which will soon be available to Australian mining operations.

Safer blasting is now possible through the DaveyTronic Underground digital blasting system. Operators using this system are achieving a reduction in overbreak and underbreak. They are able to initiate surgical blasts which produce lower levels of ground vibration, reducing the risk of cave ins.

Underground Mining Safety equipment is also evolving as providers like Zokal Safety continue to innovate and find better ways of servicing equipment and develop more effective solutions for the challenges of mine workers.

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Very comprehensive training, modern facilty with current equipment and realistic scenario training.Shane presented the course with engagement from the whole class. Lunch provided was great. These guys don’t cut corners or skimp on spending where it’s needed.Thanks to the Zokal team!
Having never taken a heights safety course before, found that the highly knowledgeable instructor and excellent facilities for practical exercises gave me a proper understanding of the applicable regulations, and gave me a good idea of the sort of setup that I will need to implement at my job site.
Shane is an awesome trainer, always a good time. I don’t think I wanted to fall asleep once. Good equipment and facility. This is the second time we have trained at zocal and it is one of the better facilities to train at.
Great day. Easy to understand and participate in. Got my harness, lanyard and rope all serviced which was good and provided lunch. Would recommend to others seeking safety equipment or training
Shane was a legend, training was awesome and enjoyed the day. We even found areas where we needed to update our equipment to ensure a safer site.
Cleanliness and hygiene top notch throughout pandemic. All equipment used cleaned after each use and no shared equipment. Top notch training
Great experience and training was adequate to all my needs and safety requirements.The trainer Shane Marsh was exceptional knowledgeable.
As a rescue paramedic looking for further training to keep me safe at work, and increase my knowledge I came to do this course before a ropes access course. Shane was a great trainer. Years of experience and knowledge. Great day in. Lunch was good. Training and practical scenarios were great. Facilities very clean with new gear and equipment. Highly recommend it. I’ll be back for more training.
Great training. Simulated trailer good for training. All equipment used in great condition all new and easy to use. Trainer made all information relevant to training .
Zokal provided a range of training courses at our company this week. The course was well presented, equipment was kept clean and was suitable to meet our training expectations.


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