Why Bump (challenge) test?

All sensors will eventually fail. Some fail suddenly and some fail over a long period of time. Bump testing will alert the user of a non­
functional sensor. This failed condition could be a loss of sensitivity, a loss of response time, or both.

Gases or vapours must be able to reach the sensor. Bump testing will alert the user if a gas inlet has become blocked, even if the blockage is not visible to the human eye. There are no other options to ensure your safety.

Are we required to bump test when using a monitoring device?

Australian Standards and reference material state: “It is recommended that this is done by personnel actually operating the apparatus and is strongly recommended that it is performed before each day of use” (AS/NZS 60079.29.2.2008: Gas Detectors-Selection, Use and Maintenance)

“Gas monitors used for the purpose of atmospheric monitoring within a confined space should be maintained and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings and in reference to AS/NZS 60079” (AS 2865-2009 Australian Confined Space Standard) “Any air monitoring in a confined space should be carried out by a competent person using a suitable, correctly verified (bump tested) gas detector.” (Safe Work Australia -Code of Practice -Confined Spaces)

What do manufacturers recommend about bump testing?

Every gas detection instrument manufacturer globally recommends bump/function testing daily or prior to use. No exceptions. “The effects are so significant that not testing your instrument prior to use puts your life and others at risk.” (CAC Gas and Instrumentation) “Gas detection instruments are potential life-saving devices.

Recognising this fact, Industrial Scientfic Corporation recommends
that functional (bump) test be performed on every instrument prior to each days use” (Industrial Scientific Corporation)

Perform a Bump Test before each day’s use to verify proper
instrument operation. Failure to perform this test can result in serious personal injury.” (MSA Operational manual -ALTAIR 4 & 5) Fact -the only way that you can be certain that a portable gas monitor will respond appropriately to a potentially threatening gas hazard is to test it with a known concentration of the target gas


There are no other options to ensure your safety!

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