On Site Safety Training with Zokal

We save you time and money, by bringing safety training to you.

Zokal's on site safety training trailer

Zokal Safety Training Pty. Ltd. RTO Code: 91267 can save your organisation time and money by bringing height safety and combined space training to you. On site safety training can minimize staff and operational downtime, save money and, most importantly, engage your employees in surroundings they are comfortable in.

We’ve invested in an innovative On-Site Safety Training Centre, a purpose built trailer that allows us to conduct both working at heights and confined space training at any location. All we need is a level concrete surface, either outdoors or in a large warehouse with vehicular access, to ensure the platform is kept stable throughout the training.

This overcomes the need to find suitable locations for training and it also ensures a safe and consistent place to conduct this training.

By bringing the training to your location you no longer have to scale down operations while key staff travel to another location to train. It also gives you more flexibility with your scheduling.

You may also want to invite some of your preferred contractors to join in the training.

Australia’s Top Rated Safety Training with over 80 Google Reviews

Excellent course conducted by Shane Marsh, the highest standards of Social distancing and hygiene were observed. Extremely knowledgeable and professional.
Very clean and hygienic course. Plenty of space to keep your distance while carrying out course. Course was very informative and trainer was excellent.
Effective training across a variety of different areas required for site work given by competent trainers. Hands-on training included as part of all course work and detailed feedback received.
Zokal provided a range of training courses at our company this week. The course was well presented, equipment was kept clean and was suitable to meet our training expectations.
Unreal course very informative and the knowledge handed to us was unreal.great great course I highly recommend
I recently re-certified in Safe work at heights/Tower Rescue. Shane is an excellent trainer/presenter, nothing slips past his keen eye. Excellent training in a relaxed controlled environment. . I thoroughly recommend Shane and Zokal as a training partner...
Having never taken a heights safety course before, found that the highly knowledgeable instructor and excellent facilities for practical exercises gave me a proper understanding of the applicable regulations, and gave me a good idea of the sort of setup that I will need to implement at my job site.
As a rescue paramedic looking for further training to keep me safe at work, and increase my knowledge I came to do this course before a ropes access course. Shane was a great trainer. Years of experience and knowledge. Great day in. Lunch was good. Training and practical scenarios were great. Facilities very clean with new gear and equipment. Highly recommend it. I’ll be back for more training.
Excellent providers Ron and Daryl, after 13 years of doing this course, I must say I took the most away from this one. Thanks I feel safer at work having learnt from this course.
Just finished the Breathing Apparatus Course with Zokal. Shane the head trainer there is very knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. I'm now confident in the event of an emergency...
Shane is a very experienced trainer who delivered information clearly. Did the Breathing Apparatus course with Zokal and would recommend
I enjoyed the confined space training. Informative and made interesting by Daryl. Lunch was great too.
Great training, and went through the course content detailed enough but also quickly
Have done all my training here for the last two years. They do a great job at what they do so I will be going back . Thanks team.P.s lunch is good to
Great experience and training was adequate to all my needs and safety requirements.The trainer Shane Marsh was exceptional knowledgeable.
I have just finished a 3 day course, I found the instructor Daryl very very good. I am over 50 and i was worried about going into class (It has been some time since the last time) Daryl took the time I needed and answered all my questions and shared his real life experiences and knowledge. I work for a major aviation companies, they trust Zokal with our training and i believe it is justified. I recommend taking all your training to them.
Very practical delivery by experienced trainer Shane Marsh. Focussed on relevant material & content having immense knowledge...awesome trainer!
Great course.. learnt lots. Shane went through everything. Lunch was chose off the menu, great way of catering.
Very comprehensive training, modern facilty with current equipment and realistic scenario training.Shane presented the course with engagement from the whole class. Lunch provided was great. These guys don’t cut corners or skimp on spending where it’s needed.Thanks to the Zokal team!
Well run training courses! Shane’s knowledge is very thorough and very relatable ??
Zokal is an excellent training facility. Have done many courses over the years and it's always relevant and up to date. Just finished LVR and CPR course and again a good experience. Shane our training instructor always makes it interesting and enjoyable. Highly recommend.
Just finished LVR and CPR, Shane is an excellent trainer. Knows his stuff, explains everything catering for all levels of skill and knowledge in the group. Awesome again
Just finished LVR and CPR, Shane is an excellent trainer. Knows his stuff, explains everything catering for all levels of skill and knowledge in the group. Awesome again
Shane is an awesome trainer, always a good time. I don’t think I wanted to fall asleep once. Good equipment and facility. This is the second time we have trained at zocal and it is one of the better facilities to train at.
Great training. Simulated trailer good for training. All equipment used in great condition all new and easy to use. Trainer made all information relevant to training .
Zokal's on-site safety training trailer

The features of our On-site Safety Training Centre

Our purpose built On site safety training centre is 6m long, 2m wide and 2.5m high, and features:

  • Stabilizers on each corner of the trailer making it stable enough to deploy heights training “outriggers” for descents over the side.
  • A fully enclosed working deck with anchor points for all training participants
  • A portable ladder bracket on the rear facilitates skill training in setting up and climbing portable ladders, for heights training courses.
  • A circular access hatch on the top of the trailer allows us to simulate confined space entry situations. A tripod can be set up over the access hole
  • We can also divide the internal area of the trailer to create different scenarios for confined space rescue training.
  • A side hatch, to allow training in horizontal entry techniques.
  • A davit base is built into the trailer so we can iperform confined space winching training
  • We also use the davit system to conduct over-the-side descents during heights training.
  • A fixed SS Static Line on the side of the trailer for heights training

When we create an site safety training program for you, we can customise it to suit your situation, so training is more relevant to your needs. The trailer gives you the best of both worlds – a controlled training environment combined with the convenience of safety training right at your premises.

Book your on site safety training now for confined space and height safety courses and save time and money. Fill out the booking form here and enquire now.


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