Do You Need a Free Onsite Safety Audit?

Make sure your business is WHS compliant

The recent COVID-19 lockdowns have been a major disruption and it’s possible that as we get back to work, things like safety could be overlooked.

  • It is important that safety procedures don’t fall between the cracks and get neglected as businesses try to get back to normal during and after the COVID-19 crisis.
  • The safety of Australian workers is paramount and this must not be compromised during this period of adjustment. 
  • The $3 million dollar fine handed down by a Brisbane court last month for industrial manslaughter, shows that the courts are going to be tough on safety violations. Don’t become the next example of how the courts deal with serious WHS violations.

Take the following survey and find out how you stack up as a WHS safe business.

You may qualify for a complimentary on-site audit, including safety equipment inspection and certification.*

*Audit is only available to businesses in New South Wales.