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A Safety Training “spray and pray” approach?

A Safety Training “spray and pray” approach? A recent article on the OH&S website: ‘Why Safety Training May Not Be the Answer’ raised a pertinent question: Is Safety Training sometimes used as a “spray and pray” approach to address poor safety performance, instead...

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When daddy didn’t come home

When daddy didn’t come home… “WHS compliance is a pain in the ----” business owners and managers sometimes grumble - and it does take valuable time, money and resources - but when you think about the alternative, the way we used to do things, that safety is worth...

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Why Industry should drive Work Health Safety

Why Industry should drive Work Health Safety The late former US President, Ronald Regan once said: “Governments have a tendency not to solve problems, only to rearrange them.” Thomas Jefferson is famous for his quote: “That government is best which governs the least,...

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Perilya explores driver fatigue

Perilya explores driver fatigue From Leading the way with fatigue management has been a major goal for Perilya, an Australian base metals mining and exploration company operating the iconic zinc, lead and silver mine in Broken Hill,...

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How to talk them out of it

How to talk them out of it By Denise Cullen, WITH about 2000 Australians committing suicide each year, the need to halt this epidemic is both urgent and immense. Jobs in suicide prevention reach out to people most at risk, and those working on...

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