Zokal Safety Australia

Confined Space Standby

and Rescue Personnel

Specialists in confined space and Height Safety Management

Confined Space Standby (Sentry)

Confined space standby and rescue personnel

Fully trained, qualified and experienced personnel to assist with work in Confined Spaces. Our staff can assist in the setup, entry and exit of your confined spaces and ensure all steps are compliant.

You can trust that our high standards increase safety and efficiency and reduce your costs. We focus on delivering quality and continuity to our clients.

All Confined Space Sentries are trained to ensure they keep vigilant watch of their assigned confined spaces. Their only focus is ensuring all requirements of the client and the Australian Standards are met.

confined space entry

They check/read all permits, JSA’s, etc. making sure all match, are signed and valid.

Check all qualifications of those entering the confined space are valid.

Complete our comprehensive checklist to ensure nothing is overlooked and eliminate complacency.

Report all entries/exits to our Sentry Control, for up to the minute accuracy.

Continuously monitor the atmosphere using gas detection monitors.

Confirm work crews are signed on/off as well as locked on/off the permits.


Zokal Safety Australia obtained Quality Assurance Accreditation in 2004 and has been registered for QA ISO 9001:2000, OH&S 18001- AS/NZ 4801 and Environmental 14001 with DAS (Direct Assessment Services) Registrars…more


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