Confined Space Standby & Rescue Personnel

Confined Space Standby (Sentry)


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Confined space standby and rescue personnel

After a number of years of training people in the safe entry to confined spaces, Zokal trainers are continually amazed at the attitude of companies and work personnel towards the role of the standby man positioned outside of a confined space.

People see a man looking into a vessel or down a well appearing to do no useful work activity for long periods of time. They often refer to the standby man in derogatory terms.

This understanding or attitude comes from a lack of knowledge as to the important role that this person plays and the responsibility that he carries.

The standby man is in fact in charge of the confined space and the areas surrounding the confined space.

A stand-by person must not leave the post for any reason, without another attendant acting as a replacement.

Personnel inside a confined space must never be left unattended

Duties of the Confined Space Standby (Sentry)

Understands the symptoms of exposure to hazards.

Monitors testing equipment and environmental conditions for any changes that may require new control measures or evacuation and rescue.

Keeps a list of exactly who has entered or left the space.

Ensures unauthorised personnel do not enter the space by erecting barricades and signs .

Looks out for the safety of personnel by being in constant communication with them.

Looks out for any change in behaviour of the workers inside the confined space.

Checks that emergency rescue equipment is available and in good working order and appropriate first aid equipment is available for immediate use.

Checks that trained first aid personnel are available to make proper use of any necessary first aid equipment.

Looks out for any change in behaviour of the workers inside the confined space.

confined space entry

Not only that, in an emergency, the standby person:

Orders an evacuation if necessary and initiates any rescue or emergency procedures.

Must not enter the space, even if the first instinct might be to help an injured co-worker.

Operates rescue equipment outside such as a winch and assists with the rescue operation.

The stand by man must be a responsible, competent person with training and experience able to manage the confined space and the personnel involved.

Zokal Safety Training impress the importance of the standby mans’ role in our confined space courses by theory instruction and practical scenarios to ensure that our students have a thorough understanding of the responsibilities of this position.

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Amazing training. Very thorough. Incredible simulator to train on. Came out with the theory and practical training to confidently perform all aspects of confined space.
Callan Judge
I am from central coast council I received training in confined spaces &rescue with Shane Marsh the 3 day course was excellent .Extremely well run course recommend to anyone
James Norval
Great course! Covers everything you need to know about confined space and rescue. Highly recommended
Shusheng HE
I attended the confined space training course today and it was very well run, very professional. I learnt so much and feel confident in the confined space. And the hot lunch was tops!
Ben creighton


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