Fall Arrest Block / Recovery Winch Servicing

Zokal now services Fall Arrest Blocks and Recovery Winches In-house

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Zokal Safety Australia is now an Authorised Service and Repair Center for Fall Arrest Blocks and Recovery Winches.

Our staff have conducted specialist training and been certified by three of the main manufacturers of fall arrest blocks, safety blocks and recovery winches, IKAR, MSA and 3M DBI-Sala.

Servicing fall arrest blocks

3M Fall Protection requires a product to be serviced by an authorised service agent, if:

  1. The product has failed an inspection.
  2. The product is damaged.
  3. The product has been involved in a fall event.
  4. The product reaches 5 years since the previous service.

* Service and Inspection periods (intervals) should be reduced where a product is exposed to environmental hazards. Hazards may include, but are not limited to; heat, chemicals, corrosive environments, high voltage power lines, gases, moving machinery and very sharp edges. 

    Non-Serviceable devices :

    1. Should be inspected by a height safety equipment inspector every 6 months.
    2. Can remain in service for a maximum of 5 years if it passes inspections.
    3. Must be removed from service and destroyed after the maximum 5 year period.

    If you notice any of the following signs on your fall arrest block or  recovery winch, call us immediately for an inspection and service.

    • The cable is crushed, a flattened or bent section of cable can be seen.
    • The cable is cut – damaged strands and broken wires are visible.
    • Abrasion is visible, with outer strands flattened and with a brighter appearance
    • Strand core protrusion – The central core is showing with the outer strands swelling out.
    • There is kinking or deformation of the cable
    • The cable is corroded, showing roughness and pitting with broken wire propagating from cracks or pitting
    • There is electric arcing or heat damage visible including a bluing of surface, fusion of the wire, or weld splatters
    • Thimbles and ferrules are damaged including components like
      springs, stoppers, and balls.
    • There is excess wear, distortion, cracks or burrs on the connectors
    • The gate on the hook doesn’t open or close smoothly and the nose of the hook does not fully close.

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