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When you discover that a job needs extra safety equipment, Zokal can help with expert advice and well maintained safety equipment for short term or long term hire.

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We’re here to ensure you hire the correct safety equipment

Browsing safety equipment on a website is one thing, but it is sometimes difficult to ensure you are hiring the right equipment for the job. Using the wrong equipment can have serious implications for staff leaving them vulnerable to accidents and injuries; and exposing your company to compliance and liability issues.

For that reason, we suggest you use our hire website as a guide, then come in to our office to get assistance from our team of safety experts. If you’re looking around with a view to hire safety equipment at some time in the future please give us a call and get some expert advice. It will not only save you time and money, but a lot of headaches.


Height safety equipment hire

Don’t expose staff or contractors to dangerous situations when working at working at heights. If your work involves installations, repairs, maintenance or cleaning at heights, make sure staff have fall arrest equipment to ensure they are always protected. Our range of fall arrest equipment includes full harnesses, rope retrieval systems and shock absorbing lanyards, which are designed to effectively arrest the fall of an individual, while minimising the shock loads on the body.

We also hire complete height safety kits, containing a 1104 harness, a 3055 lanyard with scaffold hook, a 3051 shock absorber, a 3501 anchor sling and a 3108 rope restraint line and adjuster all conveniently packed in a kit bag. The perfect solution when you need to put a worker in temporary height safety situation.

As Zokal are one of the leading safety service agencies, you can be sure that any height safety equipment you hire from us is properly serviced and in as-new condition. If you have any questions about the correct equipment to hire or correct use of scaffold hooks or anchors, talk to our safety specialists who will be happy to assist you with any queries.

Confined space safety equipment hire

confined space safety equipment hire

Everytime workers enter a confined space, they are at risk and companies often don’t have any safety equipment on hand. Get expert advice from Zokal, before you send anybody to work in a confined space.

When workers are required to enter a confined space to perform their duties, their lives are at risk. According to statistics, asphyxiation is the leading cause of death in confined spaces. This is generally the result of oxygen deficiency or from exposure to toxic atmospheres.

The problem with confined space work is that it is often not a regular occurance – So companies don’t have confined space safety equipment on hand. Rather than risk the lives of your employees and serious liability for the company, you can hire everything you need to make the job safe – even if it’s for just a day.

Zokal rent a range of portable gas detectors, for testing the atmosphere, prior to carrying any work and breathing apparatus for workers or rescue teams where air quality is a problem. We also rent safety harnesses, ropes, tripods and retrieval systems for larger confined spaces like tanks, where height safety is also involved.

Where trained staff are required, Zokal can provide fully trained, experienced confined space standby personnel and rescue teams.

When you have a job to do involving a confined space, talk to Zokal first. We’re here to give you all the support you need for that confined space challenge.


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Good training and equipment
Brent Williams
Excellent training and equipment.
Fraser Chadwick
Excellent training. New equipment. Great lunch provided.
Peter Henderson
Zokal Safety are one of the most impressive and professional organisations I've ever dealt with anywhere. They are the only safety company I know of that maintain ISO 9001 certification and that shows how serious they are about their safety systems!
Michael Barker
Excellent training, the first I haven't wanted to fall asleep in. Shane is an excellent trainer, uses good examples, good visualisation, had a good crack at all types of equipment and as a bonus the lunch was great! 10/10 would recommend and use again.
Gallivanting Gus
New safety equipment. Shane is a great teacher and an all around good bloke.
chad price
Great training. Simulated trailer good for training. All equipment used in great condition all new and easy to use. Trainer made all information relevant to training .
Luke Randal
Another great day at zokal safety
neil smith
Good practical examples from instructor. Good that class was small in size - 6 students. Good chance to use equipment in practical related scenarios.
Great equipment. Good info delivered throughout the day.
Grant Higgins
Great place to train, Excellent facility & equipment, Daryl was clear and easy to understand,, Highly recommend..
Allan Goodman
Thorough training, great teacher and equipment. Definitely recommend.
Jemma Ehsman
Shane is an awesome trainer, always a good time. I don’t think I wanted to fall asleep once. Good equipment and facility. This is the second time we have trained at zocal and it is one of the better facilities to train at.

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