Confined Space Equipment Inspection and Service

Trust Zokal with your confined space entry equipment, confined space tripods and other essential equipment for confined space certification.

With over 40 years of safety experience under our belt, Zokal are experts at Confined Space Equipment Inspection and Servicing.


Our services include:

Inspecting, servicing and certification of all brands of breathing apparatus (SCBA/CABA)

Inspection and certification of all confined space equipment including davit and davit bases, tripods, winches, RPD’s, harnesses, lanyards.

Service, repair and calibration of fixed and portable gas detection monitors.

Installation of fixed gas detection monitors.

Service of high pressure breathing air compressors.

Compressed air analysis by industrial chemists.

Consultation relating to confined spaces and height safety, appropriate documentation and creation of practical rescue plans to ensure                             compliance of the client with current legislation.

Zokal can provide standby people and emergency rescue personnel for confined space entry and height related projects.

Confined space equipment inspection and service

Over the years, Zokal has become the leader in Inspection and Servicing of confined space and height safety equipment by developing our own systems to fill the needs of Australian companies. An example is the Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (CABA suit) used in mining.  We developed a cleaning, decontamination and service process for a CABA suit because of mining industry concern for Work, Health and Safety issues relating to people putting on and breathing from contaminated CABA Suits.

To facilitate this, we purpose built a CABA service facility of 400 square metres incorporating two service laboratories, self-draining cleaning and sanitising areas, high pressure cylinder hydrostatic test station and cylinder recharging area.

Our goal was not only to clean the CABA Suit of coal dust but to kill and remove fungi, yeasts and other bacteria from the respiratory area of the Suit. The suit was then placed in a vacuum sealed bag to maintain the hygiene integrity of the breathing apparatus.

After developing this process over a number of years our mining clients indicated that the process is definitely industry best practice with incredible results. Miners are now guaranteed clean, decontaminated CABA Suits when removed from their vacuum sealed bag.

Mining clients have been able to discontinue monthly pressure checks of CABA suits as the integrity of the CABA can be assessed at a glance by the degree of vacuum that the bag displays. This has resulted in significant savings to our clients, of both operator time and labour expense.

This process is so successful that it has been copied by competitors and product manufacturers in Australia and overseas. A testimate to Zokals’ ongoing innovation and improvement to life support equipment service processes.

PosiChek computerised testing and the resulting reports ensure compliance of the CABA Suits to the manufacturers specifications and when added to the Zokal generated equipment register meet all statutory requirements.

We see ourselves as an extension of your business.With Zokal your workplace will be more efficient, safe and sustainable.

As part of your safety equipment management program we take responsibility to ensure that the equipment and paper work complies with the requirements of all statutory bodies.

We also provide Information and advice on compliance of your life support equipment, with Australian Standards, Manufacturers Specifications and other relevant Codes of Practice and Legislation requirements.

Zokal Safety Services can track all of your safety equipment ensuring traceability, historical documentation and compliance.

When lives depend on you and you take your safety obligations seriously, Zokal is the obvious choice.

Confined Space Safety

Find out just how easy your safety and compliance issues can become when we assess your needs and outline a solution for you!

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