Working at Heights Training in Newcastle, NSW

Zokal offer a number of Working at Heights Training (or Working from Heights Training) courses from a basic 1 day Work Safely at Heights course to a 4 day Vertical Rescue Training course in Newcastle, NSW. We can also bring the training to your premises with our On Site Safety Training trailer.

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Working at Heights
Great course.. learnt lots. Shane went through everything. Lunch was chose off the menu, great way of catering.
Very comprehensive training, modern facilty with current equipment and realistic scenario training.Shane presented the course with engagement from the whole class. Lunch provided was great. These guys don’t cut corners or skimp on spending where it’s needed.Thanks to the Zokal team!
Well run training courses! Shane’s knowledge is very thorough and very relatable 👍🏽
Zokal is an excellent training facility. Have done many courses over the years and it's always relevant and up to date. Just finished LVR and CPR course and again a good experience. Shane our training instructor always makes it interesting and enjoyable. Highly recommend.
Just finished LVR and CPR, Shane is an excellent trainer. Knows his stuff, explains everything catering for all levels of skill and knowledge in the group. Awesome again
Just finished LVR and CPR, Shane is an excellent trainer. Knows his stuff, explains everything catering for all levels of skill and knowledge in the group. Awesome again
Shane is an awesome trainer, always a good time. I don’t think I wanted to fall asleep once. Good equipment and facility. This is the second time we have trained at zocal and it is one of the better facilities to train at.
Great training. Simulated trailer good for training. All equipment used in great condition all new and easy to use. Trainer made all information relevant to training .
Working at heights training in Newcastle, NSW

This training is essential for anybody who has to work at heights as part of their job including people working in the Construction, Manufacturing, Industry, Mining, Shipping, Defence, Rural and Government sectors. Basically people in any workplace that are required to work from heights.

Working at heights is always a high risk activity and remains a leading cause of death and serious injury in Australian workplaces. In fact, between 1 January 2003 and 31 December 2015, a total of 359 Australian workers lost their lives due to falls from height. That’s 11% of all workers killed during that period. 

This does not just relate to people working on towers, half of these deaths were from falls of 3 meters or less and 54 of these people fell from ladders.

Working from heights (working at heights) training is required by law. It saves lives and minimises the chance of litigation.

Working at Heights Training Courses

Program for those who have already completed their work at heights training and need to be refreshed.

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This is a program for those that are required to safely work at heights or depths including heights rescue. 

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A unit for vertical rescue operations by rescue teams, typically performed by emergency services, emergency response teams and/or other operational teams. Tasks include performing rope rescue to extract a co-worker who is injured or suspended.

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What is a covered in our working at heights training?

This is nationally recognised training  with a Statement of Attainment Certificate issued on satisfactory completion of all assessments.

Our basic working at heights safety training is for operators who are required to have both practical skills and an understanding of theory needed  to work at height on a broad range of structures in different environments and  industries.

The course will give them the necessary theory, practical  skills and knowledge to work safely in a range of situations, using various types of fall protection equipment.

The basic course also covers emergency response and heights rescue using a variety of techniques for varying situations. 

The Vertical Rescue training on the other hand, covers preparing and responding to any emergency requiring a vertical rescue. Appropriate assessment and control of risks and the skills and knowledge needed to perform a vertical rescue.


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